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Emerging Media for Millennials

In this blog, I will discuss how emerging media impacts Millennials (those born between 1980 and 2000). Being part of this generation, I will give my impression to the types of ads, marketing campaigns, and other forms of media that target people like me.

Already we have seen how advertisers have had to change in order to reach us. Thanks to disrupters like Netflix, it has become more difficult to get noticed. Cord cutters like Jarrod Purdon are bad news for traditional media. They are now required to come up with new ways (emerging media) to get their messages across.

Yes, it is still possible to increase a company’s brand awareness through traditional media. But, and that is a big but, if you really want to engage with your audience, employing emerging media has been a proven way to create a buzz among Millennials. It’s all about having a conversation, and having that conversation with your target audience and/or consumer.

Take Taco Bell’s build up for its newest item, the quesalupa. Taco Bell incorporated a social media campaign, traditional media with television and print advertising, and generated tons of earned media. These fun, entertaining, and unique forms of marketing are a prelude of things to come in the world of emerging media.

Let’s back up: Those Millennials

When we talk about Millennials, what do we mean? Millennials are more open-minded and passionate of the world around them. According to Pivot’s Executive Vice President of Marketing, Kent Rees, Millennials are socially active. Instead of hanging back and waiting for change to happen, they advocate for what they believe in. Despite growing up in a post 9/11 world, this group remains positive, Rees adds.

He also says they’re more likely to pay attention to who is coming up with the content rather than what the content is.

  • Millennials respond well to visuals
  • They want to “take action”

How to gain access

According to Patty Gillette, senior vice president, Integrated Marketing for Turner Broadcasting’s Young Adults Group, Millennials do not mind being marketed to, as long as it’s entertaining, i.e. Taco Bell’s quesalupa. They want to be given access to games and other features – including free items/giveaways. She says Millennials are drawn to live events, and if you want to connect with them, you have to refresh and create new content for them to consume.

Getting them to “take notice”

Smart and funny is the new rock ‘n roll, says Noel Cottrell, who co-fathered the now-famous E*TRADE ‘Talking Baby.’ Millennials want to be highlighted and part of the scene. They want to be part of the discussion. In fact, Millennials are open to cheap advertising, he says. “Looking cheap” doesn’t matter to them, as long as it’s funny and/or hip. Just take this Mellow Mushroom campaign. Staying on top of new trends also achieves this goal.

It also works to be funny. According to MTV’s Joe Ortiz, comedy is the new currency. “It’s how to communicate [with Millennials],” he says. Risks and experimenting need to be done in order to “keep their attention.” Ortiz believes that we’re not marketing to Millennials, rather we’re creating content for them.

What not to do

Ortiz says it can be a mistake to use “trend language” with teens. “You don’t want to look like a poser,” he says. So the next time you want to include the word “bae” in any form of advertising, stop. Just stop.

Let’s get started

OK guys, now is the time to explore this new world of emerging media.



5 thoughts on “Yell the loudest

  1. Ah, millennials. I’m one of them. As one, I can say that when it comes to emerging media, we’re drawn to it because it’s simply convenient. Smartphones – convenient. Tablets – convenient. Laptops – convenient. We’re on the go more, so technology that can easily fit in our pockets or be packed in a bag are golden tickets for marketers to connect with us. Of course, as you mentioned, that’s not to say that traditional media can’t reach us. Emerging media just makes consuming content, sharing information and connecting with friends, family and brands easily accessible for us. A marketing and customer service employee with Salesforce likes to call us “convenience customers.” Salesforce has it right in that “…the convenience Millennials’ love is enabled by technology that brands can use to delight them.” Brands can win over our loyalty by meeting us with innovative technology – this is why emerging media matters, especially to millennials.

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  2. Those millennials, they (we) are an interesting group of people. We are quite possibly the most influential and powerful group of human beings. Think about it; rather than accepting new trends we create them. Instead of us adapting to one-size-fits-all messages from senders, we dictate their thought process of how and what they communicate to us. Our spending power and decision making can influence an entire company’s marketing plan. Simply put, we are powerful.

    Reading your post made me realize just how many “do’s and don’ts” there are when marketing to millennials. It has been said that if companies don’t learn these rules they could find themselves in a bad situation. Enjoyed your post.


  3. I have to say that this post was quite entertaining from just the videos and other visuals alone. In addition to your blog title, ingenious. Yes, I am entertained. 🙂 Millennials are the generation that many marketers are focusing their approaches. Yet, we want to keep in mind to not exclude the other generations as they still have spending power if not greater than that of millennials.


  4. I do miss some Mellow Mushroom. Following now…
    Emerging media allows for more risks because the digital communications space provides more advances targeting and almost instant feedback. In a world of content generation, this cycle can be costly for an organization to maintain. Fortunately, production values in emerging media can be less than tradition media.


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