We are living in the future!

Visiting my local Best Buy! can be a bit of a drag. Sad looking men and women dressed in khakis and blue polos clutter the store. As are customers looking for the best deals on out-of-date video equipment. “Hey, look! Forrest Gump for $9.99!”

Get me out of here.

I was there to look for an HD antenna because I refuse to shell over hoards of cash to AT&T or Comcast. That’s when we met. Sitting there on a table with expensive cameras and a hoard of smartphones was a pair of virtual reality goggles.


I put them on, and was instantly blown away. At first I was looking straight ahead. There, in front of me, appeared carnival barker yelling in to a megaphone. Not too exciting, but pretty intriguing. That’s when something amazing happened. I turned my head slightly. I took off the goggles.

“Are you kidding me?” I said to myself.

I put the goggles back on and could not believe it. There I was: at a Best Buy! in Nashville, Tennessee, a 33 year old man spinning around and around with his mouth wide open. I’m sure the sight of me was probably as intriguing as the sight going on inside those goggles. I could not believe it, with the emergence of Virtual Realty, or VR, we can now honestly say, “we are living in the future.”

Privacy issues aside this technology has the potential to change how wearables interact with us. These devices have the ability to connect bed-bound people to the world like never before. It’s only a matter of time before these devices get crisper images and become more interactive. Marketers would be wise to take advantage of this new technology. Instead of waiting to see what happens, learning how to create stories to reach Millennials in this platform is a must.

What are you waiting for?

5 thoughts on “We are living in the future!

  1. I loved this. I can’t begin to imagine seeing another customer at a different store location and seeing what they are doing. That is hilarious but also intriguing. Imagine the manner in which people can communicate with each and see full visuals when using these glasses. I think the possibilities of how to use these glasses could be endless. Insteasd of using Skype or any other type of video messaging system for interviews and other business needs, maybe individuals could start using these glasses as long as sound is associated with said glasses. Very unique indeed. I am even thinking of experiencing a vacation and/or relocation destination before even embarking on the journey. That could save a lot of time in trying to find key locales upon arrival as you would have already visited them digitally using the glasses. We have definitely come a long way. Yet we have only just begun.


  2. You know I’ve seen a lot of commercials with the new Samsung phone and how it integrates with virtual reality. It looks amazing and I definitely want to try it out just to say I’ve done it. I remember people on television discussing virtual reality and if it could really exist. I also remember old tv sitcoms (that contained a genius character) where VR appeared on some episodes. It’s amazing to think we are in a time where it really is coming to life.


  3. I recently had the same sort of experience, although it was not in a Best Buy! I was at a realtor event about to give a presentation when a sales man asked if I wanted to try out the new virtual reality home tours program he was selling. I can’t tell you how impressed I was with this technology. So often in home sales people say they wish they could actually see a flooplan in real life vs. a drawing on a piece of paper…enter this awesome idea! I really hope new construction picks up this trend!


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