How is Apple killing it with Millennials?

They just get it

They’ve done it again. Those geniuses at Apple have hit a chord with that all powerful, and much sought after, demographic: Millennials.

Chris Mooney, with The Washington Post, reported on Apple’s latest initiative.

“[Apple] is rolling out “Apps for Earth,” in which the App Store will, for 10 days, feature 27 popular apps — including Angry Birds 2, Jurassic World: The Game, and SimCity BuildIt — that have added new environmental content for Earth Day.”

green apps

As stated in a previous post, Millennials are socially active. Instead of hanging back and waiting for change to happen, they advocate for what they believe in.

Apple knows this and took that message to heart with this initiative. Millennials will eagerly purchase these apps like Toms consumers eagerly purchase shoes for two reasons.

  1. These are great products
  2. And, more importantly, because it gives consumers the ability to give back

Apple was smart to hire Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) chief Lisa Jackson. It just shows that Apple is serious about helping the environment (and maintaining their stranglehold on Millennial consumers).

Businesses looking at ways to reach Millennials should take notice.


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