Music, advertising, and Millennials

When advertising to Millennials, it is essential to include “the right” music. Millennials see with their ears first. In order to best reach this demographic, it is important to pair excellent music with the product and/or service you are promoting.

Rance Crain says, “Good music can get a spot noticed; bland music can get it ignored.” He further talks about what his granddaughter told him: “If a TV is on and I’m busy with something else and I hear “blah blah blah buy me now blah blah’ I won’t bother to look up, but if I hear great music, the commercial will definitely get my attention.”

One of those great commercials, currently making the rounds, is Hershey’s spot for its candy.

This video has been viewed nearly 3 million times on YouTube alone.

It can be argued this ad is focused toward older Millennials, probably born between 1980 – 1985. But, the use of music and visuals is spot on. Hershey’s did an excellent job of using a song older Millennials are familiar with and making it new with a younger voice. (Note: the song Higher Love is performed by Steve Winwood alongside his daughter, Lilly Winwood). Therefore, marketers not prioritizing music in their ads are in danger of alienating Millennials.


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