Great product or great marketing?

What came first: the chicken or the egg?

It’s the same type of question when it comes to marketing a product — What’s more important: a great product or great marketing?

Obviously both, but that’s not always the case. In fact, when it comes to marketing, we’re not always blessed with top-of-the-line products to promote. That’s why we’re here. That’s why marketing works.

Perception is the most important word when it comes to marketing. If a consumer feels negatively toward your product, chances are you have already lost them. However, if a consumer has a positive view of your product and/or service, you set yourself up to better reach them. Maintaining that consumer is left up to the product itself.

Dan Formosa, a veteran design consultant, put it best:

Virtually every brand started life with an elevated sense of enthusiasm—every company was, at one time, a startup. Which means there was a time in every company’s history when a person or small group of people developed a product that they believed in. Once developed, they needed someone to advertise, market and sell it. The sequence started with the product, and led to a need to promote it. Over time those companies grew. To sustain themselves they needed new and improved products to sell. Because of that this sequence was often reversed. To maintain their existence companies needed to advertise, market and sell something. They needed to maintain old promises, create new promises, or a combination of both.

One thought on “Great product or great marketing?

  1. Great product! This speaks to how I feel about Amazon. They can do no wrong in my eyes. I had to return an item that wasn’t returnable and admitted to the customer serive rep that I didn’t read the return policy, and Amazon said don’t worry about it. They credited my account and told me to keep the product. My perception of anything that pertains to Amazon will always be great and even if it wasn’t they will make it right.


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